Our Work

Drop by drop CW4K is making a difference

Our work is comprised of well and water filtration systems, emergency relief and clean water education.  Take a look at how your donations are helping CW4K to make a difference saving children worldwide.

Number of children we've helped live healthier lives because of clean water
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Number of sustainable well and water purification systems we've delivered.
Millions of plastic bottles that were displaced by our aluminum bottles & cans.
Millions of cans of drinking water we have provided for emergency relief.
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Well Projects in Africa

Deep wells are needed for many to be able to acquire clean, safe drinking water. Your donations have help CW4K bring sustainable, clean, safe water to thousands of villagers across Africa.

Workers in Guatemala work on water system tank

Water Projects in Guatemala

Vitostix and Vijolom III are two communities in the northern highlands of Guatemala. Recent village growth resulted in a shortage of water supply due to dried springs. CW4K was happy to help them solve their clean water problem

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Sand Filters in Africa

Your donations to CannedWater4kids also help us provide sand filters to individual families in their homes. These filters help purify the water so the family is safe from water-borne diseases. Read on and see how your gift of clean water is personal.

cw4k airline puertorico

Global Emergency Relief

Over the years, cw4k has helped the American Red Cross and others with emergency water. Whether it was needed in Haiti, Japan, Florida, Texas or Guatemala CannedWater4kids was happy to help those in need with cans of drinking water.

cw4k education school children

Clean Water Education

Education is key to helping solve the world clean water crisis. Our clean water education efforts. Topics like: What is clean, safe water? Where does it come from? How is it purified? How does it get to you? 

"We believe in sustainable solutions for all we do. As the great philosopher, Maimonides once said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. We make sure that those we help know how to sustain the solutions we provide."

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95% of money we collect helps support, fund & deliver clean water programs that are saving children worldwide.