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CannedWater4Kids: 16 Years of Impactful Global Water Solutions

In the realm of life-changing initiatives, few shine as brightly as CannedWater4Kids (CW4k). With a remarkable 16 years of existence, this nonprofit has forged a remarkable legacy, saving children from the perilous clutches of unsafe drinking water. Founded and led by Greg Stromberg, CW4k has woven a tapestry of hope, resilience, and compassion that extends across continents.

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CW4K is Positively Milwaukee – Followup 2023

Five thousand children die every day from unsafe drinking water, and a local man is trying to solve that problem.

Carole Meekins spoke with CannedWater4Kids founder and CEO Greg Stromberg. He told her all about the company’s mission and how you can help!

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Media Distribution List

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About CannedWater4kids

CannedWater4Kids is a 501c3 charity based in Sussex, WI. The organization’s purpose is to ensure all children have access to clean, safe drinking water. CW4K funds its initiatives with cash donations, grants and through the sale of their premium drinking water in aluminum cans and bottles. 95 cents of every dollar collected goes to support clean water programs. Projects include assisting the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Engineers Without Borders in bringing sustainable water purification solutions to the highlands of Guatemala, and support for well/water tank and Bio Sand Filter projects in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. Recent disaster and hurricane–relief efforts include the sending of truckloads of canned drinking water to Michigan, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.