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Transformative Support: CW4K Donation helps fuel UWM Engineers Without Borders’ Water Project in Guatemala

CannedWater4Kids Partners with UWM Engineers Without Borders for Clean Water Initiative in Guatemala

CannedWater4Kids is proud to contribute to a transformative project led by the University of Wisconsin Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB@UWM). This initiative involves the design and implementation of a pump-fed water distribution system in collaboration with the Asociacion de Comites Comunitarios Medio Ambiental Region Ixil (ACCMARI) and the Community of Vivitz in early 2024. The project is being led by Marissa Jablonski, CW4K Board Member and Ph.D.

Vivitz, a community with 150 homes and a population of 1050, is in need of a water system upgrade to meet the growing demands of its residents. With an average of 7 people per home and approximately 5 children per household, this project directly impacts 750 children by ensuring access to clean and reliable water sources.

The existing water system in Vivitz requires repair and enhancement, and EWB@UWM will be on-site in Guatemala for a two-week timeframe to contribute to this vital undertaking. Their activities will include surveying, laying the pipeline, mixing concrete for structure construction and repair, and collecting evaluation data. Additionally, the team will assess the water quality of current sources and springs during their trip in January.

Recognizing the limitations of the timeframe, EWB@UWM’s collaboration with ACCMARI and the community of Vivitz extends beyond the project implementation. This partnership fosters a meaningful relationship with the village, builds trust, and contributes to making the world a smaller and more interconnected place. ACCMARI’s commitment to ongoing communication ensures the sustainability of the project into the future, exemplifying a collective effort to address water accessibility challenges and improve the quality of life in Vivitz.

CannedWater4Kids is honored to support this impactful endeavor that aligns with our mission of providing safe water to those in need.

About EWB at UWM
Engineers Without Borders at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (EWB@UWM) is a student chapter of the national Engineers Without Borders 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Since 2007, EWB@UWM has worked on water projects in the Ixil Triangle of Northwest Guatemala. Projects involve collaboration between local Guatemalan NGO ACCMARI, residents of each village, the municipal government, EWB@UWM, UWM Peace-building personnel and funders. Each of these groups plays a vital role in the assessment and construction of the project.  Visit

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