Too many children are dying
for a drink of clean, safe water.

The problem is real

According to the World Health Organization and a recent UN World Water Development Report.

Headshot of boy from Haiti
Headshot of blonde white child
headshot of african bot
headshot of Guatemalan boy
headshot of Guatemalan girl

But, we're trying to change that

Whether here in the USA or abroad, children are our future. But, unless they have access to clean, safe water, they do not have a chance at the future. We know that healthy, happy children are able to develop, learn and grow and lead healthy, happy lives. That’s why we’re working hard to make a difference. Let’s take that journey together.

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Number of children we've helped live healthier lives because of clean water
Number of sustainable well and water purification systems we've delivered.
Millions of plastic bottles that were displaced by our aluminum bottles & cans.
Millions of cans of drinking water we have provided for emergency relief.
Photo of CW4K canned water

drink CW4K water. Help us save children worldwide

Because 95% of the money we collect from water sales goes to support, fund, and deliver clean water initiatives that are saving children worldwide.

Every purchase also helps keep plastic bottles out of our oceans, lakes, streams and landfills. Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable returning new cans to store shelves in as little as 60 days.

thank you for your support

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