Toobee® The Amazing Flying Can!

Toobee® The Amazing Flying Can! Amaze your friends! Watch heads turn as it sails soars swoops and curves. Toss it for distance, accuracy for fun or competition. Already Toobee has been flown over 283 feet (94 yards). That’s just six yards short of a football field. More than just a toy, Toobee is really a new sport…to be played alone, with the family, or with a group of friends. This aerodynamic wonder weighs less than a marshmallow, has no sharp edges, and can be flown safely indoors or out.



Toobee® turned heads in the 60's.
You can own a piece of history today!

A small quantity is available for sale. But once they're gone, they're gone forever.

2B small

Amaze your Friends! Watch heads turn as it
sails, soars, swoops and curves.

Toobee could be the next fad toy.
Toobee toy - Hottest Item Since the Frisbee
Toobee is an Aerodynamic Wonder!
Toobee- Longest Running Best Unknown Fad!

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Weight .6 lbs